Behold I Will Do A New Thing

The just concluded year has been very challenging for many and for some it has been from one testimony to another. Brethren, irrespective of what you passed through in year 2017 , the Lord is assuring you by His word that “Behold I Will Do A New Thing “in 2018 that all men will celebrate the God you serve with you . In this write up , we will be focusing on four main words from the bible text and each word will be used to explain few things as we go on together.

1. REMEMBER NOT/ FORGET* In preparation for a New Thing , you will need to “Remember not” the past struggles, silent frustrations and failures you experienced in the previous year . * Remember not could also mean to Disregard or loose memory of all the unpleasant situations and ridicule you encountered in year 2017. God is able to do a new thing in your life throughout year 2018 but you need to forget the past . Isa 43:18, 2 Corinth. 5:17, Luke 9:62 and Phil 3:13-14


Overcoming Life Temptation

I want to share with you some of the issues God had made me to overcome in life as a believer and I do hope that your life will never remain the same again. I was born again at a very tender age and I have enjoyed God in such an extraordinary way. However, I have been tempted in so many ways. The bible made us realize that there is no temptation that has come upon us except that which is common to man. Somebody else has undergone same temptation we are facing presently. Please note too well that God does not temp any man. He can only test your faith but devil is the author and master minder of temptation and God permitted it to be so.

Any Limit to Marriage Age?

At what age can a person be too old to be married? Is there any particular age that a person should get married or should not be married? Please share your thoughts on this topic with others on this medium.

Forgiveness of others?

For how long or how many times can somebody keep offending me before I can say enough is enough? How many times can I give forgiving anybody that offends me?

Will the end come very soon?

We have been witnessing serious impact on this our planet lately and this is giving us a very big concern. Can we assume or believe that the end has come? The scriptures talks about the end time signs. Are these what the bible says and what Jesus said will happen towards the end of the age? What are your thoughts on this?

Do Miracles still exist?

Do you believe in miracles? Have you experience any miracle in your life before? We are talking about miracle in this post. Why not share with us if you believe in miracle and what makes you to believe in it. God bless you as you shed more light into this topic of miracles.