Rehearsal Time

Just to find out from all chorister if there is anything we have to say about our rehearsal days and time. Feel free to send in your opinion about the rehearsal and make a positive recommendations on when we can meet and also about the quality of our songs.

Pastors’ Intercession

This announcement goes to all the Pastors to be part of intercessory prayers and waiting upon the Lord for this land where were are operating. God has determined to move in a mighty way in this land of Bahrain and he will use us as ministers to stand in the gap. The date and time will be sent to everybody later. Just prepare your mind towards this event which we plan to sustain on a monthly basis. We are starting first with the Pastors and then extend to the leaders.

Coming Father’s Day

Beloved excellent men, we need to come together to arrange a program towards the forthcoming father’s day. Keep sending in your thoughts on what events and activities we can do to mark the father’s day. This will involve mid week as well as on Friday Worship Service.

Women’s Weekend Planning

Thanks be to God for the last women’s forum. We hope the next year’s event will be more glorious than this year. To commence planning ahead of time, we shall be coming together every forth-night to plan toward women’s weekend 2016. Let us have your suggestions through this forum and we hope to put it into motion.

Ushers’ New Uniform

We are planning to purchase new sets of uniforms for the ushering department. Let us have your opinion on what type of dress you will want us to purchase. The type, color and material will be welcome from every member of this unit. God bless you real good as you bring in your suggestions.

Weekend Preparation

We the Youth are planning to commence weekend preparation in readiness for the Friday worship service. We need to know what activities we can incorporate so that we can get busy with the Lord’s duty and make meaningful impact on the church.